BDS to MBBS Bridge course under process of being finalised by MCI and DCI

BDS to MBBS Bridge course under process of being finalised by MCI and DCI


So, Long awaited move by the two apex bodies of India Medical Council of India and Dental council of india are working on a BDS to MBBS bridge course, a commitee is formed for decided on this aspect which will submit its reports in the end of December.

This is a very positive move by the government, as it will help in tackling two major issues right now country is facing.

  • One is shortage of doctors in rural india
  • Lack of recruitment and job opportunities available for Dental passsouts.

However, this move has been praised by lot of people in the medical fraternity, as right now..many countries in the world like US and canada are working on the same line.

But there are lot of things which has to be worked on like … after passing out the bridge course Which probably will be of 3 years will students have to go through 1 year rotatory internships again?? and other issues like will students be registered in dental council of india or Medical council ??

Issues are many but this BDS to MBBS bridge course is a very positive move by the government to fight against the lack of doctors in the country and especially rural india, it will also keep a check on the cases which are being spoiled due to malpractice of Quacks.

What medical fraternity says about it: 

Dr Mahesh Verma: Member Dental council of india and director, principal Maulana Azad institute of dental sciences said: “This move is indeed a win win situation for medicine scenario in the country.He also added that medical and dental curriculum are almost same till 3rd year after which they have  to deviate towards more specialised subjects, and BDS to MBBS bridge course will give a great opportunity to dental students to change their field.”

“The DCI has, in principle, approved the idea of starting a post-BDS medical bridge course,” said Dr Mansing Pawar, member of the committee that will frame the guidelines for the programme. A preliminary study of the BDS and MBBS courses revealed that dental graduates will have to put in an additional 5,000 hours to be ready as physicians.


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