Subject wise Books for NEET- PG Exam Preparation

Subject wise Books for NEET- PG Exam Preparation


Hello Guys, i want you to read this post fully from top to bottom.. as will be telling you everything you need to crack neet PG ( first hand experience of mine and advise from my mentors and seniors).

Firstly, there is nothing like we will start preparation for NEET-PG after we get done with MBBS. Its bullshitt… if you want to get through NEET- PG You have to start preparing for it right from your 2nd proffs atleast.


Now Question Comes How???

As you are in second proff right now, so you don’t need to mark/practice those heavy MCQs. Right now what you need to do is Just study your subject books poperly and Build your concepts rockstrong. There is nothing more you need to do as of now.

When you come to 3rd proffs….you can go on to some good MCQ books for which i will just give you Subject wise books for NEET PG later on in this post.


So Here’s the list of Subject wise MCQ books for NEET PG which i studied and my seniors recommended:

  • Medicine:

One of the most important and high weightage subject for NEET PG. Around 20-30 questions come from it, so it becomes really important to study it thoroughly and well…

Book which i studied during my preparation was :


You can buy thisbook onliine from link below, at discounted rates.


Also Download:


  • Surgery

Particularly surgery is also very important, when it comes from the point of view of NEET PG.

For surgery many students study from Amit Ashish, but i would recommend Surgery Essence by Dr Pritesh Singh, as its very good book. Everything is explained so beautifully…. You can study from it for you Final proff surgery Exam also.


You can buy this book from Link Below:


Also Download:


  • Pediatrics

Pediatrics is a high weightage subject as per NEET PG point of view.

I would Recommend Arvind Arora for preparations, although there are other good authors also like Taruna Mehra

You can Buy book from Below Link:

  • Obstetrics and Gynacology

Its also high weightage subject… If you get somehow, Dr Deepti Behl Ma’am’s Notes then they are sufficient for you to get through…

if we talk about books, Sakshi Arora is a good book.

  • Orthopedics

Orthopedics Quick Reviw By Apurv Mehra is a good Book

  • Pathology

Sparsh Gupta and Gobind Rai Garg are the best books available on the subject.


Also Download:


  • Pharmacology

Gobind Rai Garg‘s Pharmacology is best: as per it cleared all the basic concepts and is very to retain too.


Also Download:


  • PSM (preventive and social medicine)

Review of Preventive and social medicine by Dr Vivek Jain is good book

  • Microbiology

I would recommend  Self Assessment & Review Microbiology & Immunology by Rachana Chaurasia & Anshul Jain 

Although there are other books like Self Assessment and Review of Microbiology by Arvind Arora


  • Forensic Medicine

No Need to go Anywhere Just one Book Review of Forensic Medicine by Dr Sumit Seth where he claims 100% strike rate in MCQs from Forensic Medicine


  • Short Subjects

Across is a Good book, although there are other choices available in market Like ROAMS but i studied from ACROSS for short subjects




These are the Subject wise books for NEET PG i would recommend, If you still has any query you can ask in comments below, or you want to add any book/special request/suggest you can comment in below.


Hope this helps, But REMEMBER: If you want to clear NEET, You have to get consistent and be focussed.

There is one mantra: REVISE, REVISE and REVISE.

Pull out one book out of each subject in the list and Master it, this is the way to get through NEET PG.




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