Download Complete Study Material for MRCP Part 1 ( Direct Link Download)

Download Complete Study Material for MRCP Part 1 ( Direct Link Download)

MRCP stands for Membership for Royal College of Physicians this is a very respectable degree programme for which many students aspire for, and for the help of those we have started MRCP series in which we will be sharing MRCP notes, MRCP Books, MRCP study Material, MRCP Exam Pattern and a lot more….so stay tuned with for more.


  • Dr. Elzohry Collection 
    1- Elzohry MRCP Questions – MRCPass.pdf
    2- Elzohry MRCP Questions – OnExamination.pdf
    3- Elzohry MRCP Questions – PassMedicine 2013.pdf
    4- Elzohry MRCP Questions – PasTest.pdf
    5- Elzohry MRCP Questions – ReviseMRCP.pdf
    6- Elzohry MRCP Questions – Previous examinations.pdf
    7- Elzohry MRCP Questions – Notes.pdf
  • Masterclass 2015 by Dr Yousif Abdallah Hamad
    1- Masterclass – mrcp-1 Ophthalmology.pdf
    2- Masterclass 2015 mrcp part 1.Neurology.pdf
    3- Masterclass 2015 part 1-GIT.pdf
    4- Masterclass 2015 Psychiatrics.pdf
    5- Masterclass 2015-Dermatology.pdf
    6- Masterclass-2015 Haematology.pdf
  • Mnemonics for MRCP
    1- Basics
    2- Mnemonic by systems
    3- Pharmacology
    4- Psychatry
    5- USMLE
  • MRCP 1 books
    1- 100 Case Histories in Clinical Medicine For MRCP by Jypee (PART 1)
    2- An Aid to the MRCP Essential Lists, Facts and Mnemonics
    3- Best of five by Dr. Hakim Assalahi 2014 endo and rheuma
    4- Last min only cardio chapter
    5- Neurology for MRCP
    6- (Master pass) Aida Lai-Essential Concepts in Anato…gy for Undergraduate Revision-CRC Press (2016).pdf
    7- (Master pass) Fazal-l-Akbar Danish, Ahmed Ehsan Ra…n 7 Days for Medical Students-CRC Press (2016).pdf
    8- Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 9th Edition.pdf
    9- Oxford Assess and Progress Clinical Medicine, 2E [PDF][tahir99] VRG.pdf
    10- Essential Revision Notes for MRCP, 4E[NewMedicalBooks].pdf
    11- Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MR…, 2015)_(019959967X)_(Oxford University Press).pdf
    12- BNF 73 British National Formulary March 2017.pdf
    13- Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Examination.pdf
    14- Further MRCP Part I (MCQ’s…Brainscan) (June 19, 1995)_(3540197818)_(Springer).pdf
    15- Get Through MRCP Part 1_ BOFs(The World of Medical Books).pdf
    16- MRCP 1 Basic Medical Sciences Best of Five Questions and Answers, 2nd Edition 2004.pdf
    17- MRCP basic medical science.pdf
    18- Neurology for MRCP.pdf
    19- Qbase Medicine 1_ MCQs for the MRCP(The World of Medical Books).pdf
    20- Self-Assessment for the MRCP – Haematology – Barbara J. Bain 1998.pdf
  • MRCP 1 Notes and Tips: 
    1- passmedicine and OnExamination notes by Dr sameh SA 2015-2016
    2- Step Up to MRCP Review Notes for P1 & P2 By Dr Khaled El Magraby 1st ed 2014
    3- Notes & notes series Dr yousif (collection of notes from all banks)
    4- MRCP Dr Abeer
    5- The Only Mrcp Notes you will ever need by sudamedica 2012 4th ed
    6- Collections of short Notes
    7- Dr aly part 1 revision
    8- Dr faisal Essential
    9- MRCP flashcards by Dr yousif
    10- MRCPass notes
    11- Passmedicine notes section
  • MRCP 1 Recall and Mocks
    1- True Recall Questions 2016 to 2017
    2- Mock Test-Free For MRCP(UK)-1 by SUMANTA SIR_S MRCP.pdf
    3- Part-1-Sample-Questions.pdf
    4- Pastest Mock exam.txt
    5- RCP mrcp mock test.doc
  • OnExamination
    1- On examination by Dr Ahmed M Attia 2015
    2- Onexamination 2016 by A&M Naguib
    3- OnExmination 2014 by Dr Assem links.txt
  • Passmedicine
    1- Passmedicine by Dr Assem and abo nada modified by Dr Ahmed Gabr 2015
    2- PM part1 mcq & notes full 2017
    3- Passmedicine 2012 tips.pdf
    4- Passmedicine notes 2017 with key points.pdf
  • Pastest and Past Papers of Pastest
    1- Pastest Notes MRCP 1 2012-1013.pdf
    2- PasTestPast Paper 2013-2016


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