[ppt] Learn Arterial Blood Gas Analysis complete : Learn ABG The Easy Way

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis : Learn ABG Easily


Free Download Internal Medicine Notes and Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, ABG made Easy Download pdf and ppt.

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis Made easy.


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    • Discuss simple steps in analysing Arterial Blood Gases
    • Calculate the anion gap
    • Calculate the delta gap
    • Differentials for specific acid-base disorders


    Steps in Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: 

    1. What is the pH? Acidemic or Alkalemic?
    2. What is the primary disorder present?
    3. Is there appropriate compensation?
    4. Is the compensation acute or chronic?
    5. Is there an anion gap?
    6. If there is a AG, what is the delta gap?
    7. What is the differential for the clinical processes?





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