[pdf] Ophthalmology khurana 6th edition pdf free download

Ophthalmology is one of the three subjects which are taught in 3rd year in MBBS curriculum, and there are 2 main books which are recommended for ophthalmology for medical students one is Parson’s textbook for ophthalmology and other is Ophthalmology by Dr AK Khurana (ophthalmology khurana 6th edition pdf free download).

khurana textbook of ophthalmology free download pdf

In this post we will be giving you the link to download Ophthalmology book by Dr AK Khurana Free of cost in pdf format (As we always do 😛 ).

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Ophthalmology khurana 6th edition pdf free download

Ophtalmology by khurana is one of the easiest way to remember…and is one of the best book written in very simple language.comparatively Ophthalmology is very easy subject to pass as compared to ENT and Community Medicine .

Here are some tips which you can inculcate into your studies to make them more effective.

  • First of all Get your Book marked by your seniors for important topics and then underline them while studying as, you all know….Revision is key to retain anything.
  • Secondly, you can also make notes of the important topics.
  • Always remember its better to make notes of important topics like cataract, glaucoma, retina, and diseases as you tend to forget them so you need to revise them again and again.
  • Although Parsons is also a very good book but i would not recommend you to study from that, Khurana’s textbook of Ophthalmology is enough for you.
  • Ophthalmology notes from khurana for medical students are also very useful which will be posted soon.


Hope this helps you. Below is the download link given to download ophthalmology khurana 6th edition pdf free download



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