[pdf] Arup Kumar Kundu clinical Medicine download pdf

Arup Kumar Kundu clinical Medicine download pdf


Medicine is an art….Its learned by constant practice and keeping oneself in touch regularly with clinics….

But Whats the right way to examine a patient?? How to make a clinical diagnosis and proceed??

for that you need good teacher…. and great books….

There are many good books which are available for Clinical Medicine like Huthinsons and Macleod’s.


Download Below:


Although, out of Hutchinson’s and Maleod’s, there is one good book from indian author which is very helpful for even questions asked in viva-voce and strengthening your practical skills and that is Arup Kumar Kundu’s Book of Clinical Medicine….


Remember, Medicine is an art…Practice it while doing…and for that kundu will help…its available to download in pdf format for free….


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Hope you liked the Book…..Do share with others too …to help them.


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