4 causes of common fever with diarrhoea

Many patients, developing diarrhoea due to viral etiology or bad food may complain of slight fever for a day  or so. But, what is the value of diarrhoea in a patients presenting with onset of high pyrexia?

4 causes of fever with diarrhoea

There are four common fevers when the patient may complain of diarrhoea on the first one or two days. These are-


#1. Malaria: 

specially falciparum type


#2. Typhoid:

This diarrhoea is different than when it occurs during the third week of untreated typhoid case, when the intestinal patches start ulcerating and may also bleed.


#3. Amoebic liver abscess:

Patients having multiple abscesses continue getting diarrhoea while those with a single abscess may complain of diarrhoea for a day or two.


#4. Viral Hepatitis:

These patients often present with fever and diarrhoea at the onset of the illness.


Hope you find this clinical round useful in which we discussed 4 causes of fever with diarrhoea.

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